This is an amazing product. Most products don't live up to the advertising hype. This one does. And, I have lots of new hair growth to prove it. I'd been thinking that a wig was in my future. Not, anymore! I'm so glad that I tried Cel shampoo & conditioner.

This is an amazing product!

I was skeptical when I first purchased the shampoo/conditioner, but after using it, I noticed baby hairs sprouting. I kept using it, and I kept seeing more new hair growth. Then I tried the serum. That has a been a game changer for me! After I went through chemo and radiation, I was told that hair in the radiated area would not grow back... but I applied the serum to my scalp and I am so pleased that it's working to regrow hair! My hair stylist is in disbelief, but she can't argue with the results. Give this a try, there is a trial period. I've found the claims to be true!

My hair is coming back! Cel Works!

I have been using Cel for over 4 months, and am just now running low, that's how long a bottle lasts! I am 60, with thinning hair that is fine and easily tangled and damaged. This shampoo makes my hair soft and the conditioner doesn't weigh it down, so for me it is a win-win! I am so glad that I tried it, and now I won't be without it!

I am so happy that I tried it
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